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Add to your home a distinctive Islamic glamor from Islam Store.

Model: ZWB1
Designed for special spaces CNC engraving on wood.It can be made in desired sizes and dimensions.The exterior is covered with special frame.Table size: 168 * 95...
Ex Tax:$900.00
Model: MUAH
Luxury Mihrab Above Lettering Wooden Table* Made of long-lasting wood material. * Engraved, fine workmanship. * Domestic production. * Edges with frame. * It is 170 x 70 cm. * The verse "Fe velli vecheke chatral masjidil harâm" (Bakara-149) is written on it. ..
Ex Tax:$400.00
Model: ATKU
It is a beautiful wooden table that will decorate your home and glass. The edges are frame...
Ex Tax:$30.00
Model: ATKZ
Wooden Plate Orta (30 * 60)Wooden table that you can use in your home and at work and give to your loved ones. * Made of wood material, long life. * It is written on the line in the form of besmele. * Edges with frame. * 30 * 60 cm in size. * It can be hung easily on the wal..
Ex Tax:$30.00
Wooden Plate Cream Color
Model: ATLB
Wooden Table Besmele Tugra (51  61) It is written in tugra form with CNC technique.  Made of long lasting wood material.  Height is 51 cm, width is 61 cm.  Behind the wall can be easily hanged on the apparatus. ..
Ex Tax:$30.00
Word Tawhid Carved On Wood.
Available soon
Model: ATKT
Word  Tawhid is carved on wood. Size: 58 cm..
Ex Tax:$50.00
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